Summer 2016 Training Information

"Not only did Peak help me as a high school athlete, but it set me up for college.  This program has helped me excel in all aspects of athletics, and I would recommend this program for anybody."  Allie Havers

 Sport Specific Skill and Strength Training

Who?:  All girls going into the 7th grade through senior in college

Where?:  Mattawan High School Gymnasium and Weight Room

​Instructors:  Cory DeGroote 

​Contact Info:  Cory DeGroote  24908 Vargas Dr.   Mattawan, MI  49071

Phone:  269-208-5831


Screening Day:  Thursday June 11th, 2016  Time TBD  Physical Therapist Kevin Lacey 

Start Date:  Monday June 13th, 2016

Dead Week:  Friday July 1 - Sunday July 9th.  We will NOT workout during this time, per MHSAA rules.

Last Day:  Thursday July 28th, 2016

Step ONE

(Choose a training session)

Session 1:  Agility/Strength Training + Intermediate & Advanced Middle/Outside Hitter Training (For grades 7-12)

(Monday's & Thursday's 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.)   

Session 2:  Agility/Strength Training + Setter training/Defensive "Libero" training (Grades 7-12)

(Tuesday's & Thursday's 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.)    

Step TWO
(Mail in payment to address below)

**We do offer special deals for families with multiple children in our Camp.  Please contact Coach Cory DeGroote for details. 

Cash or Checks (Make Checks out to: Cory DeGroote)
Mail Payment to:
Cory DeGroote
24908 Vargas Dr. 
Mattawan, MI  49071


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Allie Havers

MHS Class of 2013

​Current University of Nebraska Basketball Player

All State in Volleyball, Basketball and Softball.  ​

Miss Volleyball finalists, Miss Basketball Finalist

Volleyball Training